May the read be with you

“Successful people have libraries, the rest have big screen TVs.” - Jim Rohn

It’s time I finally acknowledge the importance of reading. I don’t give a damn to many things. My view changes when I become more ambitious, thanks to my partner-in-crime who is constantly on turbo mode. The only person in my life who wants to rule the world like Mojo Jojo. In turn, inspires me to become a Powerpuff girl. Oh man, I miss my cartoon. Alright, I’m being ridiculous and very much digressing.

Part of the influence comes from h3h3 and Jordan Peterson,

their brains got me hooked. Peterson’s ideology resonates with me, a hell lot. Then I chanced upon the epic infamous channel 4 interview in youtube; I LOL like shit.

Look, I found a good analysis of that epicness in this video:

The truth is,

Channel 4 epic interview embarrassed me as a female; it’s the damn time to give a damn understanding to patriarchy and women issues. Why only now? Because I’m freaking blessed to be born in a country, Singapore, where opportunities are based on merit. Is it because I’m Chinese? (This is a well thought singaporean infamous meme from my side 🤗). Highly possible. I am constantly surrounded by amazing people who are never once sexist; so lucky I become passive.

My first book is obviously Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead after my rigorous attempt to seek for the answer.

It was a good read until I see Michelle Obama’s take on the book – Sometimes that shit doesn't work. 👀 That. was. EXCITING. While you are at it, also google Ali wong’s take on lean in. Hi-la-ri-ous af.

In conclusion,

I don’t give many damns before. As I get older, my spider senses are tingling. These freaking ideologies and stereotypes will drown me one day, so it’s better I learn to float now.

I’ve carefully selected my next 3 books. Work related books because of the same reason; need to pour more answers into my brain. If you’re interested to be a better programmer, here’s a peek at my selection;

Now you’re convinced, I hope. Let me bring you through the “painful” steps that discouraged me from reading in the beginning.

  1. Download Kindle app on your phone.
  2. Buy the kindle version of your ebook on Amazon using 1 click button.

Literally 2 steps.

That’s all.

Day fucking 1 of #next3month movement where I do a little coding question, read a little book, draw a little stuff, video a little shit. All in all to be a little better everyday while waiting for Rick and Morty to come out.

P/S: I’m learning to write better. Be kind. 🌝