Convert it yourself

Day 9/100,

#100daysofcode is not easy for a person like me. By right I am supposed to be at day 14. By left, I am at day 9.

Oh and I got caught my google adsense by clicking on my own ads ( 🌝 so much for the cheap thrill and I wanted to know how much a click cost ). Apparently it is against their policies to do that. I feel so exposed knowing that everything I do is tracked. Big brother huh.


I got this idea to do parallax scrolling website and I needed gif. And I decided to convert everything, images to gif and video all by myself instead of searching for online tools.

Note: background-attachement does not work in mobile. Sad. This works on desktop browser and not mobile browser. What is going on.

Convert it youself,

Using terminal and a few tools (imageMagick, ffmpeg), we can convert image to video or gif and vice versa. I focus on png because I needed the gif and video to be transparent.

Basic Steps,

  1. Create some images and named them in sequence. 1.png, 2.png …
  2. Open terminal and run some commands with ffmpeg or convert
  3. Voila, you have a GIF.

Learn more,

If you are interested to know how:


I really adore scrum at work. I feel that scrum can be minified and applied to life. My sprint would be a day long with multiple refinements done during travelling on public transport. At the end of the day, I am able to complete with this post, a short review (the demo you see) and retrospective on the good, the bad and the ugly.


The Good:

  • 100daysofcode challenge challenges my concept of time.
  • I see myself getting more proactive and responsive to things.
  • I set reasonable goals although I still can’t achieve 100%.

The Bad:

  • At work, I think of my work.
  • While doing my personal work, I think of work. wtf.

The Ugly:

  • Brain does weird thing at midnight. I started a patreon without any content and promises. What the fuck was I thinking. But I like how I do thing without hesitation now. Do and regret is much better than no doing and not regretting.

On a side note,

I am so proud of the movie Crazy Rich Asians. Good plot, good acting, good location (my hometown Singapore!) The first hollywood featuring all asian casts and the movie is filmed in Singapore with many singaporeans! <3 I love the humour and credit scene animation.

Coming soon,